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Related article: Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2010 17:58:29 -0800 (PST) From: x_emoboi_xyahoo.com Subject: Adventures at School Part 2This story contains graphic sexual scenes between males under 18. If material of this nature offends you then you should not read this story.Additionally, if you are under 18 years of age in most states you are not allowed to read this story by law.This story is purely a work of fiction. Any resemblance to person's living or dead, or to events that may have occurred, is purely coincidental.The author claims all copyrights to this story and no duplication or publication of this story is allowed, except by the web sites to which it has been posted, without the consent of the author. Adventures at School Part Two The 11 and 12 year old boys' shock and panic quickly turned to lust seeing my hard cock out. Trey, the 11 year old, 5' 2", who was maybe 80 lbs soaking wet & tan all over with black long emo style hair, had a huge grin, "looks like I've been a good boy this year. Santa came early and brought me just what I wanted." Erik, twelve and 5' 3", 85 lbs, pale white skin, and light brown medium length hair that almost always looked like a cross between being wind blown or serious bed head, nodded in agreement. "Oh hell ya he brought us both what we wanted!" He grinned. I on the other hand was going the opposite way from lust to panic. Here I was a 21 year old student teacher, 5'8",145#, sandy blond hair shaggy hair, a naturally smooth body laying on the floor with my hard thick pre-cuming 7 inches sticking out from my pants. A huge wet spot on my chinos indicated I had been watching the two naked boys fucking in the handicap stall of the boys restroom at least several minutes. I was now the one fucked. If they chose to throw their clothes on and run to the office and report me I'd be lucky to just get off being asked to leave the school and reported to the university I was no longer welcome at the school. Worse case I'd have a new roomie in prison who pimped my ass out for cigarettes. Yet the two cute boys just stared at my softening cock., neither moving towards their clothes I now noticed piled in the corner of the stall. They Lolitas Pthc started to approach me like two lions about to pounce on their prey. Looks of pure lust showed on their faces. "Damn, I never thought his cock would look so good," Trey said licking his lips. "Fuck ya it does," reaching out and grabbing my semi hard dick. Erik's small hand just barely wrapped around it. The soft skin of his hand sent shivers through my body. I was suddenly so hard I could pound nails with it. Erik slowly stroked up and down my cock. "Oh fuck yes, " I moaned laying my head back down on the cold restroom floor. Pre-cum started flowing back out my prick. Closing my eyes I let the twelve year old boy continue to jerk my hot throbbing fuck stick. I'd never felt something so soft yet so firm work my meat. I was moaning in ecstasy thinking nothing could ever feel as good as Erik's hand, but I was wrong. Suddenly I felt something warm and wet surround the head of my leaking shaft. My whole body shuddered at the feeling. I looked up to see Trey wrapping his small mouth around the tip of my penis. He ran the tip of his tongue around the ridge of my cock, while slurping the flowing pre-cum. I thought I had died and gone to heaven. This eleven year old boy was giving me the most intense head I'd ever had in my life. "Please, please don't stop," I begged reaching up and running my fingers through his long black hair. Trey tried to work more and more of my thick 7 inches in his mouth. It was stretching his mouth to the limit, but his tongue worked the underside of my prick like a pro. This boy had been doing some serious practice somewhere, and I was thinking Erik wasn't the only one he'd been honing his skills on either. Erik started to pull my balls out of my pants and lick them. I pre-cum like a faucet, so I knew Trey wasn't the only one getting a taste now. He worked on one then the other back and forth. Working me into a frenzy with his tongue lapping up the pre-cum flowing down over them. They both pulled off me at almost the same time. I looked at the two them. Trey's lips puffy and stretched from trying to get my thick member in his mouth. Erik's cherry colored lips glistening from my pre-cum that he had before slurping while sucking my heavy cum filled balls. I couldn't believe myself when I asked, "why did you guys stop?" "Mr. Strafford will be along here in a bit to Lolitas Pthc clean the restrooms. We're normally finished and heading out by now. You sorta distracted us," said Trey with a smirk. "Oh shit," I thought to myself. My little head had been doing all my thinking for me. It was now nearly 4:30. They had been working on me for a half hour, and I'd never been so hard and horny in my life. I was shaky standing up. I leaned against the wall and tried to stuff my throbbing member back in my pants. I watched as the two boys grabbed their soccer shorts and pulled them back on. Erik faced me smiling the sexiest smile I'd ever seen, while Trey turned his back to me bending over so I could see the tight hole Erik had been recently been fucking. He looked over his shoulder smiling naughtily at me knowing I was wondering what it would feel like to slide inside his hot hole. Both boys opened their backpacks and tossed their underwear and shoes and socks inside and then zipped them closed. They grabbed their tee shirts and stuck them in the back of their shorts. Anyone looking at them could see their cocks tenting out obscenely. "We'll meet you out at your jeep," said Trey with a big smirk. "What?" I asked. "Well you don't want anyone left in the school to see all of us boned up, while you get your stuff do ya?" said Trey. "No, but why are you going to my jeep?" "You don't think we're finished do ya? We're only getting started and your place is gonna be a lot more private than either of our places." Erik chuckled licking his lips. "Oh you might want to pull your shirt out to cover that huge wet spot." I looked down to see a wet spot that looked like I had spilled a drink in my lap. "Oh fuck," I thought to myself. Then I realized what Erik had just said. They wanted, no correct that were planning on having sex with me at my place. I was in a daze. I didn't know what to think. "See you outside, " smiled Trey grabbing my cock through my pants and squeezing it . "Damn I can't wait to ride that." The boys grabbed their bags and practically ran out of the restroom and to the parking lot where my jeep was sitting. I walked back to my classroom to grab my birks and messenger bag. I didn't know what to think. Two of the cutest sixth graders I taught had just spent the last half hour working me into a frenzy worshiping my prick on the floor of the boy's restroom at the school where I was student teaching. And now they informed me they wanted to continue this at my apartment. And Trey Martin, a sweet eleven year old, 5' 2", 80 lbs boy with black long emo style hair and a seriously hard 3 inch cock has just told me he can't wait to ride my thick 7 inch fuck stick. My world is spinning out of control. I know what I should do, which is to tell Lolitas Pthc them no and hope the situation doesn't make me someone's prison bitch. Yet I can't get the sight of Trey's winking freshly fucked hole out of my mind. I walk to to the parking lot. There is one other car in the lot, Coach Clancy's. He must not be back from flag football yet. I breath a sigh of relief. I look at my jeep Wrangler. Erik is sitting in the front passenger seat and Trey is in the backseat. I make my choice and begin walking across Lolitas Pthc the parking lot to my jeep. Erik gives me a sexy smile as he pulls his hand back out of his shorts. I toss my messenger bag and birks into the back next to Trey, who is rubbing himself through his shorts, and climb in starting the engine. HIM's "Vampire Heart" starts blasting out the speakers. Trey reached around the seat and squeezes my cock. "Still hard as a rock, sweet." "When do you guys need to be home?" I asked. "Sometime Saturday afternoon," Trey piped up. "I called my mom and told her I was spending the night at Erik's and he called his and told her he was spending the night at mine. So we're golden til sometime Saturday afternoon." "What if they call each other and ask to talk to you?" "Man, that what the cells are for," laughed Erik. "Besides if Trey's mom calls my sis will cover for me." "Why would she do that?, " I asked as I pulled out the parking lot and headed to my nearby apartment. "I let her high school boyfriend, Josh in the basement at night to bone her. Mom would have a cow if she found out Morgi was banging an 12th grader." "She's only 14," I said surprised. Then I realized how stupid that sounded. Who was I to criticize a 14 year old girl getting boned by a 17 year old boy, since I was a 21 year old student teacher about to fuck a couple of 6th grade students of mine. I looked over at Erik sitting shirtless and rubbing his crotch when I braked for a stoplight. His dime sized nipples were standing up like pencil erasers. I had to resist the urge to lean over and take one in my mouth. Without realizing it I licked my lips looking at them and then glanced up. He nodded Lolitas Pthc and smiled as our eyes met knowing I wanted this to happen as much as he and Trey wanted it. "Light's GREEEN, Mr. McBride," Trey shouted shaking me back to reality. "Well I guess, since we're going to know each a lot better before the night's out you guys might as well call me Shane." "Awesome, dude!" Trey exclaimed. I chuckled to myself as we headed headed out into the countryside where I lived. I pulled into Uncle Joe's, a mom and pop convenience store and gas station. "I'm gonna grab some sodas and snacks for later. I don't have lot at my place. Please behave yourselves." I went inside and grabbed some sodas and chips. I was relieved coming out Trey and Erik still have their clothes, while their shorts still on. Yes, they had some serious tents showing, but they weren't trying to fuck each other. Which was a plus at this point as far as I was concerned , since I was well known here. I took my shirt off before I climbed in and put it in my messenger bag. This turned the boys on even more if that was possible. They were a couple of horn dogs that I suspected were going to wear me out before that night was over. "Shane, I hope you live close by or I gonna blow you in the car," Erik said. "Ya, about five minutes more just past my university." I drove a little farther before turning into long driveway. A white washed house could be seen up on a hill looking down. " Holy fuck," Erik said seeing the massive house. "Is that where you live?" Laughing I said, "No, I live in the gatehouse over there." I pulled into a Lolitas Pthc parking place next to a small brick cottage. A head high boxwood hedge surrounded a back patio. A gas grill and round picnic table with blue deck chairs and lounge filled most of the patio. Turning off the engine I said, "Well guys here we are." I still wasn't sure this was smartest thing I'd ever done, but I was still committed to going through with it. The boys hopped out and I grabbed the sodas and handed them to Erik, and the chips to Trey. I grabbed my bag and birks and walked around to the patio and unlocked the backdoor. The boys followed me inside to the tiny kitchen with a breakfast nook. I tossed my birks on the floor to join the pile of flip flops, converse high tops, and more birks of different colors. "You guys can leave your bags there, and just put the soda and chips over there," pointing to the far counter. I watched as the cute sexy school boys dropped their book bags on the pile of the shoes and then deposited their snack bundles on the counter. The boys were still sporting serious tents in their shorts. I was beginning to think they were constantly hard, but then at that age so was I. I grabbed the sodas putting them in the frig and the chips in a cabinet. Heading into the small intimate living room the boys followed me. I snagged the remote Sirius radio from the coffee table turning it on. As techno tunes started to pump out, I dropped my bag next to the computer desk near the huge fireplace, which took up most wall in the tiny living room. Reaching down I unbuckled my pants and dropped them. I picked my chinos up and tossed them on the couch. Trey and Erik had their shorts off before my pants even landed on the couch. Grabbing them the boys tossed them next to my pants. With all three of us standing there naked with rock hard boners I said grinning, "Well guys I guess it's playtime. Lets head upstairs to the bedroom." They raced over to the narrow staircase on the wall across from the fireplace. As they climbed the cramped stairs I watched their tight and seriously fuckable asses making my cock throb and ooze pre-cum. They were on the queen-size bed 69ing, when I reached the top of the stairs. Trey was on top of Erik bobbing up and down on his 4 inch penis like it was a Popsicle, while Erik enthusiastically returned the favor working on Trey's 3 inch dick. "Damn," I thought to myself, "they are a couple of little horn dogs." But then I had interrupted their sexcapdes in the restroom at school. They were so quickly involved with working on each other they didn't notice me walking up to the bed. Trey, who was on top, had his legs spread on either side on Erik. His sweet pink little fuckhole was exposed to me. I climbed on the bed eying it as it winked at me as he worked on Erik's cock. I leaned down and ran my tongue down his crack to the entrance of paradise. He moaned loudly, "ohhhhhhh godddddddddd yesssssssssss." Trey's 5'2" 80 lbs body shivered. I suspected Trey had never been rimmed before and I was going to rim the fuck out of his little boy pussy. He'd be begging to be fucked like a bitch in heat. With that I started run circles around his hole, flicking my tongue at the entrance. He tasted slightly tangy from sweating, but otherwise clean. Finally I pushed my tongue in his his hole. "OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh Ffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkk," Trey screamed in pleasure pulling off Erik's throbbing 4 inch boy toy. Bingo just as I thought, eleven and never been reamed. I was going to enjoy this I started pushing my tongue in as deep as possible, beginning fuck him with my tongue. His tight little ass gripped my as I forced it deeper and deeper inside him. He started to ride my tongue as it worked his hole getting it wet with my spit. My pre-cum was flowing like a faucet. I could feel it running down my balls to the bed. I felt Trey shift, but kept tongue fucking his hot little rosebud. His moaning just made me throb harder and ooze more pre-cum. Suddenly I felt two small hands spread my cheeks. A tiny tongue tentatively ran down my crack. I moaned into Trey's ass forcing my tongue in more rapidly. Trey was moaning like a bottom whore in Lolitas Pthc the middle of a 40 man gang bang. It was music to my ears listening to his high pitched moans. Erik soon was lapping at my hole and started to work his tiny tongue inside my man pussy. This was making me hornier than hell and I was nearly ready to fuck the hell out of the eleven year old Trey. I lifted up from Trey's spit lubed boy pussy. It was redder now from my tongue fucking and starting to open in readiness for my thick 7 inch fuck stick to slide inside and claim it as mine. I'd never been so turned on before in my life. I scooped some of my overflowing pre-cum up covering my middle finger. I ran it around Trey's rosebud. It began to glistening from my self made lube. I scooped more from my cock and began to work my middle finger inside his red hot fuckchute. My pre-cum lubricating him, causing him to breath harder and moan even louder. I began working a second pre-cum covered finger inside and then ran them over his boy button. His body shivered in pleasure. Trey began to beg me to fuck him. "Pleassse ohhhhhh godddddddddd I neeeeedddddddddd itttttt badddddd!!!!!!!" I smiled to myself it was almost time to give him the ride of his young life. Then I had a thought, an evil thought. I was going to make him fuck himself on my rock hard fuck stick. I continued to work his hot little hole with my fingers, stopping only to add more pre-cum as lube to his boy pussy. Whenever I rubbed his prostrate he'd hump back faster and harder onto my fingers. I pulled my fingers from his ass and sucked them one by one into my hungry mouth. Trey tasted so good, my cock pulsed releasing more lube for his ass. I grabbed his tiny waist and legs flipping him on his Lolitas Pthc back and briefly sucking his throbbing 3 inch cock to the base. His back arched as he tried to force more into my mouth. "ohhhhh godddddddddd ohhhHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhh goddddddddddddd," he squealed. Trey started banging his head on the bed as I worked his boy cock. Briefly pulling off I sucked his marble sized balls in my mouth. I grabbed his legs and pushed them back almost folding him in half. Spreading his ass I bent down and began to tongue fuck his little rosebud again. This caused more head banging on the bed. "Fuuuuucccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeee," Trey begged. His cute girlish voice dripping with lust. " I neeeeedddddddddd ittttt ppppleeeeaaaaaaasssseeeeeee!!!!" I smiled to myself he's ready now. Pulling off and dropping his waif like legs I moved to the head of the bed. Erik quickly moved to engulf my prick in his mouth, His tiny fingers just barely touching as they wrapped around my thick pre-cum glistening fuck stick. I could see the lust in his cute puppy dog eyes. Erik quickly lapped his tiny tongue as my piss hole slurping the oozing pre-cum. It was my time to shiver as his hot little mouth surrounded the head and began to work up and down the first third of it. I knew it was too thick for him to take too much now, but soon, very soon it would be buried deep in his twelve year old throat. "No Erik come here," smiling and pulling him off his new found toy. I began to kiss Erik. Forcing my tongue deep in Erik's mouth I began to tongue battle with him. I tasted myself on his tongue, which made me even hornier if possible. I began to pinch and twist his dime sized nipples. He moaned in pleasure from my nipple work. I stopped kissing Erik and looked at Trey who was laying back panting hard and stroking his 3 inch cock and fingering his little hole trying to get the same feels my tongue and fingers had produced. "Hey Trey," I said attracting his attention. I smiled at him, then nodded to my cock. The burning lust in his eyes told me Trey knew what he needed to do, no correct that what he wanted to do. He ran his sweet tongue over his lips as he rolled over and crawled over to me. Trey started to lick up and down my shaft causing even more pre-cum to flow out coating it. I reached down touching his head running my fingers through his long hair. "Trey," I said, "No." Smiling and nodding again towards it. Trey understood now what was required of him. Lust drove him to straddle my lap. Trey's skinny legs were silky smooth not yet growing any hair. He positioned himself over my pre-cum lubed fuck stick. My throbbing pre-cum lubed fuck stick ran up and down his crack until he reached down to grab it and hold it still. I moaned in anticipation as Trey positioned his tight boy pussy against it. I ran my hands all over his silky smooth hairless legs. Trey's sexy cuteness made me want to grab his slender eleven year old waist and pull him down as hard as I could while thrusting upwards, but I knew he wasn't ready for that yet. Instead I lustfully waited gazing up into his adorable impish face for Trey to lower himself on to me. Trey started to sit down on my prick, briefly there was resistance then slowly his tiny rosebud began to open. It's hot wet tightness engulfed the rocket head of my cock. We both moaned as his ass ring was stretched further than it had ever been before and we were just getting started. It's velvety warmth was unbelievable on my prick. Never in my life had I been so aroused in my life. I could feel my fuck stick pumping more pre-cum out lubing Trey's incredible tight fuckchute. I reached up and began playing with his dime sized nipples. Alternating between barely grazing them and pinching and twisting them. I was causing Trey to move from just plain lust to total complete whore boy fuck slut. Trey's eyes opened after I had worked his tiny nipples into hard nubs looking a lot like pencil erasers. There was nothing but pure lust in his eyes now. He wanted this as much as I did, correct that needed it as much as I did. Trey slid another couple of inches of me in his ass. "Ohhhhh godddddddddd yesssssssssss," he moaned with his sexy pre-teen girlish voice. I shivered feeling his tightness. Lolitas Pthc "You're half way there sexy," I said looking at his cute face scrunched up biting his lip. Hoping to encourage him to take a few more inches. I continued to run my hands all over Trey's hairless sexy body. Trey started to pull up and I thought he was going to get off, but instead he slammed himself down harder taking all but the last inch of my thick wedge shaped 7 inch pole. "FFFFuuuuuuuuCCCCCkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!" His high pitched voice squealed. I almost shot when he slammed down on my cock. The only hole I'd ever been in tighter than Trey's was a 19 year virgin boy I worked with at a bookstore right after I turned 18. Trey was breathing hard and his skin was flushed, but he had a look of determination on his adorable face. Once again he pulled up almost pulling off then reversed and slammed his body down as hard as he could. This time I moaned," Yessssssssssssssssss FFFFFuuuuuuuuuuccccccccccKkkkkk yesssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!" His tight hairless ass sat on my trimmed pubes. We were now both breathing hard. Trey leaned forward resting on his skinny arms at the effort to take all of my thick cock. His three inch boy cock sticking out at attention. It's cherry sized head red from arousal. I leaned forward and started kissing Trey deeply. He moaned into my mouth as I worked his tongue like I wanted to work his ass. After a couple of minutes he pulled back to catch a breath of air. I knew his ass should be accustomed to my fuck pole by now. To get things started again I started to slowly jerk his cock working Trey back into a frenzy. He once again began to ride my thick hardness. At first only pulling up a couple of inches and dropping back down. Soon he was riding the whole phallus. Each time he slammed himself down Trey made the sexiest grunt. He shut his eyes as he rode me like there was no tomorrow. I looked over at Erik who was jerking off as fast as he could watching his best friend fuck himself on my cock. Smiling I pulled him over to me and started kissing him. As I worked my tongue in his mouth I began playing with his nipples. I soon had them as hard as Trey's dime sized nipples. I managed to get him to straddle my chest without interrupting Trey's riding of my fuck pole. Engulfing his 4 inch pole I was soon slurping him down to the base. Erik's moans were slightly deeper than his best friend Trey's girlish moans. Those moans and the pre-cum that started flowing from Erik's four inch cock told me it wouldn't be long before he came. I remembered being twelve and having a hair trigger, so I expected Erik to be the same way. Trey continued to work his tight velvety ass up and down my pre-cuming cock. Almost pulling completely off, before slamming down. His pre-teen moaning getting louder and louder. Suddenly he pull completely off for a second or two before ramming himself down. I was knew I couldn't hold back much longer. Between Trey working his eleven year old ass up and down my prick and twelve year old Erik's hard throbbing pre-cuming cock pumping in and out my mouth, I was almost there. Suddenly it happened, Trey had pulled off and slammed down on me a third time when his tight ass began to spasm around my cock. "FFFFFFFFFFFFfffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!" Trey squealed as he began to cum hard. That sent me off and I shot one, two, three, four, five hard squirts of man juice up his tight little boy pussy. Erik started moaning, "Oooooooohhhhhh ggggggoooddddddddddddddd Oooooooohhhhhh fffffffffFFFfffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeessssssss!!!!!" as he began to cum in my mouth. My tongue continued to work his cock as he shot. Then I felt it fall from Erik's back onto my stomach. Cum, Trey had shot on Erik's back as he came. I pulled Erik from my mouth and eased him over on his side next to me. Trey collapsed on my chest. I kissed him deeply as I rubbed his back. "That was awesome dude," smiling at him. " Fuck ya it was, thank you!!!!" He said kissing me. I was still hard and buried in his ass. Until now no one could have convinced me sex with an eleven and a twelve would be so intense. This had been the best sex of my life so far. Erik curled up next to me and began to drift off. Trey was already beginning to snore softly on top of me. I closed my eyes and began to drift off as well next to these two adorable boys. End of part 2Well this my first attempt at writing a story. If anyone thinks I should continue with the story let me know. Thanks for your input. You can reach me at x_emoboi_xyahoo.com
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